Marinetec Boat Moorings

Environment Canterbury approved contractor – Call +64 3 328 8322

Marinetec Boat Morrings division can provide a full written report supplied for Environment Canterbury and is a certified boat moorings block manufacturer and supplier of certified mooring chains, ropes, shackles, swivels and more. Marinetec Engineering & Construction are authorised service providers of Marine Flex units.

Health and Safety is paramount to Marinetec Boat Moorings. We analyse each job we undertake prior to engaging our staff, and create a detailed job safety analysis that conforms to all government and local agency requirements.

  • Does your mooring require an annual inspection and clean to stay authorised?
  • Does your mooring require any repairs to keep your vessel safe?
  • Does your mooring need a block check?
  • Does your mooring need repositioning?
  • Does your mooring need anything to keep your boat safe?

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