Marine Salvage & Rescue

24 Hour Emergency Callout - Phone Dwayne on 027 439 8169

Marinetec’s marine salvage & rescue team has the resources to assist with the salvage and rescue of anything in the marine environment. Our marine salvage & rescue team has an extensive array of floating plant and machinery to assist with any type of marine salvage and rescue operation.

The Marine salvage & rescue team have been involved in a wide range of marine salvage tasks and has over 20 years experience working in the marine rescue environment and have a reputation of solving problems when faced with restricted site access and remote site locations.

Emergency response is managed efficiently with crew being well trained members of Fire Emergency New Zealand and therefore well versed in dealing with pressure situations.

Health and safety is paramount in marine salvage & rescue. We analyse each job we undertake prior to engaging our staff, and create a detailed job safety analysis that conforms to all government and local agency requirements.

Marine Salvage & Rescue Services

  • Cars submerged at estuaries, rivers and in harbours
  • Boats that have broken free of moorings and run aground or wedged themselves onto rocks
  • Boats that have taken on water and sunk
  • Derelict boat removal
  • Boat trailers and cars that have gone off the end of slipways at low tide
  • Diggers on barges that have tipped over due to instability
  • Keys and cell phones dropped over board. Wildlife endangered in waterways
  • Oil spill response
  • Boom installation and maintenance
  • Navigation aid installation and maintenance
  • Tow service for broken down boats
  • Delivery of emergency fuel
  • Collection and transport of injured crew persons back to shore for medical treatment
  • Crew changeovers from ships to save docking time and fees
  • Lost mooring systems

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