Marinetec Commercial Diving

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Marinetec Engineering & Construction provide commercial diving services in a range of marine environments from docks & berths through to lakes and estuaries.

Our company is a registered member of the NZ Association of Diving Contractors which are recognised in the industry and associated with quality, efficiency, safety and reliability.

Health and Safety is paramount to Marinetec Commercial Diving. We analyse each job we undertake prior to engaging our staff, and create a detailed job safety analysis that conforms to all government and local agency requirements.

Commercial Diving Operations

Lake survey:
Our Commercial Dive Team mobilise the surface supply dive equipment and travel to the lake area of concern. The dive team set up the compressor and took turns in scanning the bottom of the lake, recording any areas of concern that may contain hazardous pieces or deep weed growth. The report was compiled and referenced against photos and submitted to the client.

This commercial diving job enables the safety of swimmers and other water uses of these lakes to be informed of potential unsafe areas of the lake. After this survey, the owner of the lake arranged for the lake to be cleared of the major hazards which were identified by our dive team.

Penguin Enclosure Cleaning: Marine life enclosures need cleaning regularly and our team are lucky to have built a relationship with penguins at The International Antarctic Centre.

When the team began this task the penguins were extremely apprehensive about a diver being in their home. After a few visits it has become a part of normal life for the penguins now and they swim happily with the dive team whilst they are vacuuming their home and cleaning their windows.

Pipeline Inspections: Outfall pipes, storm water, sewage, manholes and pipelines need to be checked and maintained as part of council consents and the benefit of the members of the community.

The Marinetec commercial diving team regularly are tasked to complete inspections both off the Canterbury Coast line, at sea, in harbours, within the cities around the South Island. These tasks are potentially in contaminated water ways and extra care is needed by the team.

Wharf and Jetty Repairs: Marinetec commercial dive team get involved with the engineering team on wharf and jetty repairs and builds.

Commercial Diving Services

  • Scuba diving
  • Surface supplied diving
  • Deep diving
  • Under water video & closed circuit TV
  • In water survey
  • Pipeline inspections & maintenance
  • Salvage & recovery
  • Contaminated water diving
  • Underwater welding & cutting
  • Underwater hydraulic chainsaw (Wood & Concrete) trash pumps
24 Hour Emergency Callout
Association Of Diving Contractors New Zealand

Association Of Diving Contractors

The NZ Association of Diving Contractors is an incorporated society established in November 1994 to represent the interests of diving contractors in New Zealand on both domestic and international fronts.

The Association has been formed to act as the voice of the industry and to lobby where appropriate to improve conditions and standards for its members. To this end we have member representation on the A.D.A.S. Board as well as the SF17 Standards committee. The Association shall represent its members through the establishment of brand values that are recognized in the industry and associated with quality, efficiency and reliability.

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